Learn OpenSees

STKO Video Tutorials

To make it easier to learn OpenSees with STKO, we have created a video tutorial series to help get you through the basics! Learn step-by-step how to navigate the software, how to create different geometries and perform boolean operations, how to mesh, and more.
Jose Abell’s YouTube Channel

Jose Abell is a Chilean professor who is also a developer of Opensees. His channel showcases his research, gives tips and insights into the civil engineering community, and generally discusses OpenSees. For those serious about OpenSees, this channel is a must watch.
Learn OpenSees on Silvia Mazzoni’s Youtube Channel

Silvia is a Project Scientist at the UCLA School of Engineering and Applied Science, as well as a Structural & EQ Engineering Consultant. She was also a member of the OpenSees development team. Following her expert advice, you can learn everything from downloading and installing the software to Finite-Element Analysis and Modeling in OpenSees.
OpenSees Support Group

Learn more about OpenSees and get help from the OpenSees Support Group. The OpenSees Support Group, created by Pavan Chigullapally and Max Stephens from the University of Auckland, covers a variety of OpenSees topics and issues. In one such meeting, we were invited to present an OpenSees topic to the support group. It was wonderful collaborating with the group, and we look forward to many more amazing meetings.

Looking for more videos to help you learn OpenSees with STKO? Why not try our advanced e-learning courses!