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Join Massimo Petracca for his classic E-Learning courses for OpenSees. These courses will address more advanced topics in OpenSees while using STKO’s GUI to demonstrate the modeling concepts. The courses are hosted on Zoom and generally last for one hour and are followed by a final Q&A session with Dr. Petracca.

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Dr. Massimo Petracca

Dr. Massimo Petracca

Managing Partner and Chief Software Developer at Asdea Software Technology

With a dual PhD in structural mechanics from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and the University Chieti-Pescara, he is a well-known expert in micro modeling and computational multiscale homogenization and has extensive experience in software development for numerical methods and data visualization. His research focuses on the constitutive modeling of material failure in concrete, masonry, and composite materials through classical and advanced computational methods, and his research has been published in international journals and conferences. As a regular contributor to OpenSees code development, you can’t find a better person to give advanced webinars on OpenSees!

Past Webinar Videos and Files

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Thurs May 11, 2023
Modelación numérica no lineal de muros de adobe con STKO-OpenSees, uso del material ASDConcrete3D
El seminario web de mayo fue organizado por Asdea Software, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú - PUCP, y EERI-PUCP y coorganizado por la Universidad Javeriana de Colombia, la Universidad de Cuenca de Ecuador y MonitoRED. Ing. Christian Diaz dio la bienvenida y la introducción. A continuación, el Dr. Nicola Tarque hizo una presentación sobre el comportamiento sísmico de los muros de tierra, después de lo cual el Dr. Massimo Petracca demostró cómo modelar numéricamente un muro de adobe utilizando STKO y OpenSees.
Fri Mar 24, 2023
Modeling an Adobe Wall Under Cyclic Actions using the New ASDConcrete3D Material
In this webinar, Prof. Nicola Tarque gave a brief introduction to his research on adobe walls and their numerical simulation. Then, Dr. Petracca demonstrated how to use the new ASDConcrete3D material to model Adobe shear walls subjected to in-plane cyclic actions, choose the proper preset, and set up the “User-Defined” preset when none of the built-in presets are adequate.
Thurs Jan 26, 2023
ASDConcrete3D: A new 3D constitutive model for concrete and masonry like materials
In this webinar, Dr. Petracca presented the new ASDConcrete3D material recently added to OpenSees. It is a robust and efficient 3D constitutive model for the monotonic and cyclic behavior of concrete and masonry-like materials. The webinar addresses how to set up material parameters, compare the implicit and IMPL-EX integration algorithms, use the automatic error control for the IMPL-EX algorithm, and how to apply these new features to the simulation of a cyclic test of an RC shear wall.
Thurs Dec 15, 2022
High-fidelity Seismic Analysis with the Domain Reduction Method
December's webinar featured Guest lecturer Prof. Jose A. Abell, a Chilean professor at the Universidad de Los Andes in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences. He explained the theory of the DRM (Domain Reduction Method), its implementation in OpenSees, and how it can be used in STKO. N/A
Thurs June 23, 2022
Understanding the Problem of Strain-localization and Fracture-energy Regularization
Dr. Massimo Petracca explored the intricacies of strain-localization and fracture-energy regularization.
Thurs May 26, 2022
The Open-Source External Solver Library in STKO: How to Contribute
Dr. Massimo Petracca demonstrated how to access the Open-Source External Solver Library and showed users how to create pull requests and collaborate with us directly via Github. N/A
Thurs May 12, 2022
STKO v3.0.0 - See What's New
Dr. Massimo Petracca discussed the improvements made in STKO v3.0.0, focusing primarily on the new tools available in the post-processor. N/A
Thurs January 27, 2022
Q&A with Dr. Massimo Petracca
Dr. Massimo Petracca answers users questions and queries. N/A
Thurs January 27, 2022
Roundtable Discussion
Dr. Massimo Petracca and other users discussed a variety of topics and questions about OpenSees, STKO, modeling, and structural engineering. N/A
Thurs November 4, 2021
New Element Presentation - ASDAbsorbingBoundary
In this webinar, Dr. Massimo Petracca demonstrated the creation of a soil-foundation-structure interaction model using the ZeroLengthContactASDimplex element for contact condition and then showed how to add absorbing elements at the soil boundaries to run a dynamic analysis. Due to a technical problem, the first part of the recording is missing.
Thurs October 14, 2021
Implicit-Explicit Contact Element Applied Examples: soil-foundation interaction and RC structures
In this webinar, Dr. Massimo Petracca presented the new Implicit-Explicit Contact Element and gave examples of how to apply it to soil-foundation interaction and RC structures.
Thurs June 24, 2021
New Element Presentation- Embedding Rebars into Solid Domains
In this webinar, Dr. Massimo Petracca presented the ASDEmbeddedNodeElement, which is able to constrain a node to lie on a surface or inside a volume. With this new element, you can embed a geometry into another, or tie together disjoined geometries even if their mesh is not compatible. Download the files by clicking the DOWNLOAD FILES button to the right.
Thurs May 20, 2021
Soil-Pile Interaction - Modeling with STKO's Python API
May's webinar will teach you how to model soil-pile interaction in STKO and parametrize it using STKO's Python API.
Thurs April 22, 2021
OpenSees Parametric Analyses using the Python API in STKO's Preprocessor
This E-learning course will teach you how to parametrize your model for running parametric analyses to understand how a certain parameter influences the structural response. Download the files and introductory video by clicking the DOWNLOAD FILES button to the right.
Thurs March 18, 2021
Intro to STKO v2.0's Python API
This E-learning course is an introduction into the Python API and was the first of a series dedicated to the feature. Download the files and introductory video by clicking the DOWNLOAD FILES button to the right.
Thurs February 18, 2021
Seismic Isolation using Friction Pendulums
This E-learning course demonstrated how to model seismic isolation using friction pendulum devices, and how to calibrate them in OpenSees and STKO.
Thurs January 21, 2021
Nonlinear Time History Analysis
This E-learning course demonstrated how to perform a nonlinear time history analysis in OpenSees using STKO, including how to set up both dynamic analyses and explicit dynamic analyses.
Thurs December 17, 2020
Eigenvalue and Response Spectrum Analyses
This E-learning course instructed users how to perform Eigenvalue and Response Spectrum Analyses in OpenSees using STKO.
Tues November 24, 2020
SnacTKO: What's new in version 1.1.5
First bite-sized SnacTKO webinar to introduce users to the new features of V 1.1.5, and give a sneak peak of V2.0. N/A
Thu November 12, 2020
Construction Stage Analysis
E-learning course on using OpenSees (by way of STKO and its automations) to perform construction-stage analyses.
Thu October 15, 2020
Links and Interactions between Nodes and Elements
E-learning course on mastering STKO interactions, which are useful for creating couplings between disjoint domains, such as kinematic constraints, contact pairs, and more.
Thu September 17, 2020
Common Errors and Convergence Issues in OpenSees and STKO: their meaning, and how to fix them
E-learning course covering the mistakes that most users commonly make in OpenSees and STKO. It focuses on their meaning and how to fix them quickly.
Thu July 30, 2020
Seismic Isolation
E-Learning course on how to model and analyze base-isolated structures. We explain how the main Opensees Bearing Elements work, and show some practical examples using friction pendulum elements with the main friction models and elastomeric bearing. Learn:
  • The basics of the main opensees bearing elements (Friction Pendulum, Elastomeric bearing)
  • How to use the OpenSees friction models
  • How to create a model of an isolated base structure
Wed July 1, 2020
Infill-RC Frame Interaction with Element Removal
E-Learning course on how to model and analyze an RC frame structure with infills using OpenSees and STKO. We explain how to add infills to your RC frame model, and how to programmatically remove them during the analysis as damage progresses.
  • Learn how to create a frame model in the STKO CAD environment
  • Learn how to define infills using equivalent nonlinear trusses
  • Learn how to programmatically remove the infills as their damage progresses
Mon June 1, 2020
Nonlinear Analysis of an existing RC building including RC joint modeling
E-Learning course on how to model and analyze an existing RC frame structure with OpenSees and STKO. Learn to model all the typical components found in an RC structure. Learn how to:
  • Create a frame model in the STKO CAD environment
  • Define interactions and assign local axes
  • Use the HingedBeam element to create axial releases to avoid unrealistic compressive stresses in beams with rigid diaphragms
  • Create a beam-column joint with the Scissor Model, using the automatic RC Joint tool in STKO
  • Run a displacement control analysis with both sequential and parallel OpenSees versions
Mon May 4, 2020
Learning Opensees: Modelling the Out-of-Plane Failure of Masonry Structures
E-Learning course about Modelling the out-of-plane failure of masonry structures using the micro-modelling approach with OpenSees and STKO. The course demonstrates which shell element formulation works the best in this scenario and how to simulate the same problem using an equivalent homogeneous model with a plastic damage orthotropic material. Learn how to:
  • Make micro-models with shells
  • Recognize the differences between thick and thin plate theories in micro-modelling
  • Apply distributed loads on surfaces
  • Run a cyclic displacement control analysis in parallel with OpenSeesMP
Mon April 6, 2020
Learning Opensees: SSI - Soil Structure Interaction
E-Learning course about SSI (Soil Structure Interaction) problems with OpenSees and STKO. The course focuses on modelling aspects that are useful in building a complete SSI model. Learn:
  • The Basics of surface (2D) and solid (3D) modelling in STKO
  • How to use interaction to connect disjoint components (tying, contact, beam/shell to solid coupling,...)
  • How to use distributed absorbing boundary conditions in STKO
  • How to implement progressive element removal based on custom functions
Mon Mar 8, 2020
Learning Opensees: Nonlinear Modeling of RC Frames (Lumped Plasticity)
E-Learning course about Nonlinear Modeling of RC Frames (Lumped Plasticity) using beam-column elements with the lumped plasticity approach. The course shows, step-by-step, how to model all the components of a typical RC structure.
Mon Feb 21, 2020
Learning Opensees: Nonlinear Modeling of RC (Frame + Shear Wall) Structure (Distributed Plasticity) - REPLY
Reply E-Learning course about nonlinear modeling of RC (frame + shear wall) structures using beam-column elements with the distributed plasticity approach. The course shows, step-by-step, how to model all the components of a typical RC and shear wall structure.
Mon Feb 17, 2020
Learning Opensees: Nonlinear Modeling of RC Frames (Distributed Plasticity)
This E-learning course discusses the nonlinear modeling of RC frame structures using beam-column elements with the distributed plasticity approach. It shows, step-by-step, how to model all the components of a typical RC structure. Learn to:
  • Create a frame model in the STKO CAD environment
  • Define interactions to create kinematic constraints between components
  • Define nonlinear uniaxial material models, fiber cross sections, and section aggregators
  • Test the different beam integration schemes available in OpenSees
  • Orient cross-sections using local axes
  • Create beam-end releases
  • Understand the results available for frame elements
Mon Jan 27, 2020
Learning Opensees: Masonry Micro-modeling
This course explains how to perform nonlinear analyses of masonry structures.It focuses on the concept of micro-modeling, that is, when the micro-structural components (bricks and mortar joints) are explicity included in the numerical mode. You will discover:
  • How to create a micro-model in the STKO CAD environment
  • How to define nonlinear plastic-damage nD materials for bricks and mortar joints
  • The theoretical basis of the constitutive model
  • How to run a cyclic displacement control analysis
  • How to investigate convergence issues due to strain-softening response
Fri Dec 19, 2019
Learning OpenSees: Modelling a Reinforced
Concrete Frame Structure (spanish E-Learning)
En este seminario web explicamos como modelar y ejecutar análisis no lineales de dos componentes básicos de estructuras de hormigón armado, vigas / columnas y muros de corte, utilizando STKO y OpenSees.
  • Modelado CAD de marcos, paredes y acoplamiento entre ellos.
  • Definición de una sección de fibra de una viga de hormigón armado
  • Definición de una sección shell de hormigón armado
  • Ejecución de un análisis de control de desplazamiento cíclico no lineal con timesteps adaptativos
Fri Dec 13, 2019
Learning OpenSees: Modelling a Reinforced
Concrete Frame Structure (English E-Learning)
In this E-Learning course, we demonstrate how to model and run a nonlinear analysis of two basic components of RC structures, beam/columns and shear walls, using STKO and OpenSees.
  • CAD modeling of frames, walls, and coupling between them
  • Definition of a RC beam fiber section
  • Definition of a RC shell layered section
  • Run a nonlinear cyclic displacement control analysis with adaptive time stepping
Mon Nov 18, 2019
Learning OpenSees: Introduction to STKO OpenSees
In this E-Learning course, learn the main features of STKO, and how to acceess it through the DesignSafe-CI portal. All the main features and the basic workflow from pre-processing to post-processing are discussed using a simple example of a fiber column.
  • Fiber-Column element example
  • Run STKO in DesignSafe-CI Virtual Machine
  • Pre-processing and TCL file generation
  • Run OpenSeesMP in DesignSafe-CI
  • Post-processing
Short Course

Modeling RC Shear Walls in OpenSees and STKO

We get lots of requests for assistance on the various topics that concern the modeling of RC Shear Walls in OpenSees and STKO. We decided to create a short course to explain the main steps required to set up RC Shear Wall simulations. The course presents how to model RC Shear Walls using different approaches, from beams to shells and solid elements. Each class is dedicated to a particular approach, with the course culminating in a Round Table and Q&A. We hope you find the course recordings and files helpful!

Code Title Description Files
Wed July 27, 2022
Layered-Shell Model with PlaneStressUserMaterial
Layered-Shell Model with PlaneStressUserMaterial... Read more
Thurs July 28, 2022
Shell and Solid Models with Embedded Rebars
Shell and Solid Models with Embedded Rebars...Read more N/A
Wed Aug 24, 2022
Truss Model
Truss Model...Read more N/A
Thurs Aug 25, 2022
MVLEM and SFI-MVLEM...Read more N/A
Thurs Sept 08, 2022
Round Table
Model Comparison, Round Table, and Q&A...Read more N/A
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