Advanced Structural Consultancy

As part of the ASDEA Brand, we at ASDEA Software have significant expertise in advanced numerical analyses, structural and civil engineering, and seismic vulnerability. Choosing our advanced structural consultancy services means that you gain access to our wealth of knowledge and experience.


ASDEA provides design, analysis, and structural consultancy services. Choosing ASDEA means that you benefit from our staff’s extensive research experience, our efficient organization, and our collaborative approach to software design.


To provide our customers with a comprehensive service, our structural rehabilitation package comes with structural and seismic evaluation services. These services include the retrofitting of buildings and infrastructures.


We provide a wide range of advanced numerical analyses that include linear and nonlinear analyses, material characterization, structural performance evaluation, collapse investigations, safety and reliability analysis, seismic vulnerability, structural integrity, component life prediction, design optimization, heat transfer, and more.

Advanced Non-Linear Analysis

Selected Projects

Our services span a wide range of topics and specialities. View a selection of our projects to get a better idea of what we can provide.

Seismic Research

ASDEA has collaborated with other research institutions to conduct research in the field of seismic engineering, in particular in the selection of seismic recordings aimed at analyzing the nonlinear dynamics of structures, the direction of motion, and the dynamic behavior of structures according to their damage.

Pioneering Research Applications

Soil-structure interaction plays an important role in the field of earthquake engineering, although it is often overlooked at the design level. The members of ASDEA have extensively researched both on the propagation of seismic waves in the ground and their interaction with the structure, and on seismic amplification due to the topography and stratigraphy of the soil. The model of the church was developed in STKO.

Selection of Ground Motion Records
Structural Modelling and Advanced Non-linear Analysis
Vibration Analysis

ASDEA performed linear dynamic analysis to evaluate the magnitude of accelerations while paying special attention to the “Fly Eye” telescope’s delicate optics. ASDEA also designed the telescope’s stand to prevent its frequencies from modifying the telescope’s behavior during a seismic event.

E-ELT Telescope
Seismic Isolation System

The European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) will be the largest telescope-based astronomical observatory in the world, featuring an optical/near-infrared telescope and advanced features. ASDEA performed the seismic hazard study and designed the 3D seismic isolation system to protect the telescope for the European Southern Observatories (ESO).