Asdea Markets

Asdea Software provides innovative solutions for a variety of industries. We value innovation and product competitiveness, and we are dedicated to developing and maintaining our international clients. ASDEA Software is therefore an ideal partner for your software development project.


We contribute to the development and management of embedded automotive systems by applying the latest techniques and methods available in the field.


ASDEA has extensive experience in the construction of aerospace structures. Our multidisciplinary approach, scientific expertise, and commitment to research, led us to work in the Aerospace market.


ASDEA uses innovative structural solutions, advanced numerical modeling techniques, advanced analysis techniques, and guarantees the use of structural materials that best fit the project.

Oil & Gas

ASDEA also does business in the Oil & Gas sector, specifically in the mechanical assembly of on-shore and off-shore installations. We have extensive experience in the construction and assembly of gas treatment plants, off-shore platforms, and in the modification and revamping of power stations.


Our extensive expertise in state-of-the-art numerical simulations of complex problems allows us to tackle the task of creating software solutions for healthcare problems. Multiscale and Multiphysics analyses are fundamental tools for understanding the real behavior of complex structures, where multiple length scales and different physical phenomena need to be accounted for.


We offer leading technical and scientific knowledge and proven experience in understanding your needs to develop the most suitable solution in computational fluid dynamics and finite elements.