Not your average Graphic User Interface

Imagine being able to model the world as easily as you see it in your mind. Imagine the potential of a tool that allows you to model the world you see and subject it to advanced numerical analyses with visual results. Our STKO commercial licenses enable you to do just that.

STKO is a Graphic User Interface for OpenSees, bridging the gap between the user and the program via a sophisticated interface.


All inclusive

STKO is the only pre and postprocessor that includes ALL materials, elements, conditions, and interactions offered in OpenSees


We follow developments in OpenSees and collaborate with an OpenSees compiler to ensure that STKO capabilities are supported in OpenSees and vice versa


Our research team collaborates with the engineering team to implement the latest materials, theories, and models in STKO.


STKO Commercial Licenses

STKO Commercial Licenses are provided to industrial entities both for commercial and research purposes. Our Commercial license packages are specially designed to meet the needs of businesses. We offer yearly or perpetual subscription packages with single or multiprocessor options. 


What We Offer

Asdea Software takes a holistic approach to customer service. We want to help our commercial clients reach their research and development goals. We offer a vareity of services to suit your every need.


Priority online support from our team via user forum, email, and zoom


Free access to updates and new features as available with an active maintenance plan


Access to 50+ online tutorials, webinars, etc., as well as example models and other support documents. We also offer personalized training courses to help your team learn what they need to get the most out of STKO.


STKO is Customizable with additional elements, materials, code verifications, engineering demand parameters, professional tools, and more. Make sure to ask our team about your needs.


With the combined knowledge of the three branches of the ASDEA brand, we can offer consultation services on projects in a variety of fields.

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