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A review of graphical user interfaces of OpenSees software framework. Shabani, Amirhosein 2023 graphical user interface, OpenSees, software functionalities, numerical modeling, seismic analysis, soil-structure interaction
Seismic Assessment of the Archangeloi (Başmelekler) Church in Kumyaka, Türkiye. Gunes, Baris 2023 Archangeloi (Başmelekler) Church; masonry; seismic assessment; nonlinear analysis
Simplified Method for Nonlinear Seismic Response Analysis of Corroded Pile-Supported Wharf. Afif Navir Refani and Takashi Nagao 2023 Pile-supported wharf; Spun pile; Frame analysis; Pushover analysis; Fiber-based finite element analysis; Corrosion
Analytical and experimental shear evaluation of GFRP reinforced concrete beams. 10.21203/ Mistretta, Fausto & Puppio, Mario Lucio & Camata, Guido & Nanni, Antonio 2023 Concrete beams and girders, Concrete testing, Failure (mechanical), Fiber reinforced plastics, Shear flow, Steel fibers, Structural optimization, GFRP, Reinforced concrete, Shear capacity models, Shear tests
Comparative study of alternative equivalent frame approaches for the seismic assessment of masonry buildings in OpenSees, Journal of Building Engineering, Volume 66, 2023, 105877, ISSN 2352-7102. Requena-Garcia-Cruz, Maria V. & Cattari, Serena & Bento, Rita & Morales-Esteban, Antonio 2023 Masonry structures, Equivalent frame models, OpenSees, Nonlinear analyses
Efficient Constitutive Model for Continuous Micro-Modeling of Masonry Structures, International Journal of Architectural Heritage, 17:1, 134-146. Petracca, Massimo & Camata, Guido & Spacone, Enrico & Pelà, Luca 2023 Buildings, damage, impl-ex, masonry, micro-modeling, mixed implicit explicit integration, parallel computing, partitioned mesh, plasticity, seismic analysis
Evaluation of the additional shear demand due to frame-infill interaction: a new capacity model, Procedia Structural Integrity, Volume 44, 2023, Pages 496-503, ISSN 2452-3216. Di Trapani, Fabio & Bogatkina, Valentina & Petracca, Massimo & Camata, Guido 2023 infilled frames, shearm reinforced concrete masonry, OpenSees, STKO
Experimental and Numerical Insights on the In-Plane Behaviour of unreinforced and TRM/SRG Retrofitted brick Masonry Walls by Diagonal Compression and Shear-Compression Testing. 10.2139/ssrn.4464575. Garcia-Ramonda, Larisa & Pelà, Luca & Roca, Pere & Camata, Guido 2023 In-plane shear behaviour, Masonry, Numerical simulation, Steel Reinforced Grout (SRG), Tensile strength, Textile Reinforced Mortar (TRM), OpenSees, STKO
Infill-Frame Interaction: Refined Modelling for the Analysis and the Estimation of the Internal Forces in Seismic Assessment of RC Building Structures, (2023) COMPDYN Proceedings, 2882-2893. 10.7712/120123.10607.21394. Di Trapani, Fabio & Di Benedetto, Marilissa & Petracca, Massimo & Camata, Guido 2023 Infilled frames, Masonry, OpenSees, Reinforced concrete, Shear, STKO
Performance assessment of unreinforced masonry arched walls under the action of lateral loading. MCEJ 2023, 23(4): 175-188. 10.22034/23.4.175. Homaei, Farshad & Rahbari, Erfan Vosoughi 2023 Unreinforced masonry walls, Masonry arches, Pushover analysis, In-plane behavior, Pre-compression load, Shear capacity
Seismic Response of Different Masonry Building Aggregate Configurations by a Refined Fe Micromodel. 1894-1905. 10.7712/120123.10529.21369. Di Benedetto, Marilisa & Di Trapani, Fabio & Villar, Sofia & Petracca, Massimo & Camata, Guido 2023 Aggregate effect, Building aggregate, Homogenized masonry, OpenSees, STKO
Seismic risk assessment of a new RC-framed skin technology for integrated retrofitting interventions on existing buildings, Procedia Structural Integrity, Volume 44, 2023, Pages 918-925, ISSN 2452-3216. Alejandro Talledo, Diego & Federico, Rita & Rocca, Irene & Savoia, Marco & Saetta, Anna 2023 RC-framed skin, seismic risk assessment, non-linear static analysis, existing RC buildings, retrofitting intervention
Simplified Evaluation of the Additional Shear Demand Due to Masonry Infills. 10.1007/978-3-031-30125-4_1. Di Trapani, Fabio & Bogatkina, Valentina & Di Benedetto, Marilisa & Sberna, Antonio & Petracca, Massimo & Camata, Guido 2023 Equivalent struts, Infilled frameMasonry, Masonry infills, Opensees, Reinforced concrete frames, Shear, Shear force, Simplified evaluations, STKO
Study on seismic response of unconnected piled raft with rubber mixed soil. Materials Today: Proceedings, 2023. ISSN 2214-7853, doi 10.1016/j.matpr.2023.10.018. Amalu, P.A. & Jayalekshmi, B.R. 2023 Unconnected piled raft foundation, Dynamic loading, OpenSees, STKO, Rubber mixed soil
The Effect of the Vertical Component of the Earthquake on a Regular Masonry Wall. Applied Sciences. 2023; 13(4):2459 Camata, Guido & Di Primio, Alice & Sepe, Vincenzo & Cantagallo, Cristina 2023 masonry structures, URM walls, earthquake vertical component, micro-modelling, nonlinear static analysis, nonlinear time history analysis
Analysis of the soil structure-interaction effects on the seismic vulnerability of mid-rise RC buildings in Lisbon. Structures. 38. 599-617. Requena García de la Cruz, María Victoria & Bento, R. & Durand, Percy & Morales-Esteban, Antonio 2022 structural dynamics, soil-structure interaction, seismic vulnerability of RC buildings
A disruptive strategy for structural health monitoring with STKO. Accepted to the 2st Eurasian Conference on OpenSees, OpenSees Days 2022 Eurasia, Jul 2022, Turin, Italy. Amelio, Alessia & Boccagna, Roberto & Bottini, Maurizio & Camata, Guido & Germano, Nicola & Petracca, Massimo & Quaranta, Giuseppe 2022 structural health monitoring, digital twin, finite element methods, artificial intelligence
A Preliminary Design Procedure for Seismic Retrofit Using Hysteretic Dampers. Journal of the Earthquake Engineering Society of Korea Vol.26 No.2 pp.59-69. ISSN : 2234-1099(Online).(Written in Korean) Jeong Gook-ki & Yu Eunjong 2022 Preliminary design for seismic retrofit, Seismic retrofit using hysteretic damper, Damper design, Estimate of seismic retrofit, Metallic yield damper
A modified pressure dependent multi-yield surface model for simulation of LEAP-Asia-2019 centrifuge experiments. Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering. 154. 107135. 10.1016/j.soildyn.2021.107135. Elbadawy, Mohamed & Zhou, Yan-Guo & Liu, Kai 2022 LEAP, Ottawa F-65 sand, Liquefaction, Sloping ground, Constitutive model, PDMY material, Model calibration, Finite element modeling, Centrifuge experiment
A Self-Consistent Artificial Intelligence-Based Strategy for Structural Health Monitoring. Fifth International Conference on Railway Technology: Research, Development and Maintenance (RAILWAYS 2022), Aug 2022, Montpellier, France. Aceto, Luca & Amelio, Alessia & Boccagna, Roberto & Bottini, Maurizio & Camata, Guido & Germano, Nicola & Petracca, Massimo 2022 structural health monitoring, digital twin, FEM modelling, model updating
Assessment of specific structural and ground-improvement seismic retrofitting techniques for a case study RC building by means of a multi-criteria evaluation, Structures, Volume 38, 2022, Pages 265-278, ISSN 2352-0124. Requena García de la Cruz, María Victoria & Morales-Esteban, Antonio & Durand-Neyra, Percy 2022 Seismic retrofitting, Multi-criteria decision making, Reinforced concrete buildings, Soil-structure interaction, Finite element method, Direct modelling of soil
Assessment of the Additional Shear Demand induced by Masonry Infills on Reinforced Concrete Elements in presence of Seismic Actions. Rel. Fabio Di Trapani, Guido Camata. Politecnico di Torino, Corso di laurea magistrale in Ingegneria Civile Valentina Bogatkina 2022 Shear demand, masonry infills, reinforced concrete elements, seismic actions, STKO, OpenSees, RC framce-infill interaction, non-linear behavior, brittle failure of columns
A simplified model for seismic safety assessment of reinforced concrete buildings: framework and application to a 3-storey plan-irregular moment resisting frame. Engineering Structures, Volume 250, 2022, 113348, ISSN 0141-0296 Blasone, Valentina & Basaglia, Alberto & De Risi, Raffaele & De Luca, Flavia & Spacone, Enrico 2022 Reinforced concrete moment resisting frame, Seismic assessment, Regional scale, Simplified spring model, Torsional behaviour, Irregular buildings
Corrosion effects on the capacity and ductility of concrete half-joint bridges, Construction and Building Materials, Volume 360, 2022, 129555, ISSN 0950-0618 Rosso, Marco M. & Asso, Rebecca & Aloisio, Angelo & Di Benedetto, Marilisa & Cucuzza, Raffaele & Greco, Rita 2022 Concrete bridges, Concrete structures, Half-joint, Corrosion damage, Numerical analysis, OpenSees, STKO
Digital Twin: a Hybrid Approach for Structural Health Monitoring. Accepted to the Fifth International Conference on Railway Technology: Research, Development and Maintenance (RAILWAYS), Aug 2022, Montpellier, France. Amelio, Alessia & Boccagna, Roberto & Bottini, Maurizio & Camata, Guido & Germano, Nicola & Petracca, Massimo 2022 structural health monitoring, digital twin, FEM modelling, model updating
Evaluación computacional del comportamiento sísmico de edificaciones patrimoniales en tierra reforzadas con platinas de acero, Tesis/Trabajos de Grado, Director/Asesor Reyes Ortíz, Juan Carlos, UniAndes. Santacruz Rodríguez, Sebastián Felipe 2022 Adobe, Tapia pisada, Edificaciones en tierra, Reforzamiento sísmico, Rehabilitación sísmica, Platinas de acero, Modelos computacionales avanzados, Elementos finitos no lineales, Comportamiento sísmico, Modelación en OpenSees, Ingeniería de estructuras, Construcciones de adobe, Construcciones de tapia pisada, Vulnerabilidad sísmica, Análisis estructural (Ingeniería), Análisis numérico
Experimental and numerical analysis of the cyclic in-plane behaviour of retrofitted masonry walls. A: Euro-American Congress on Construction Pathology, Rehabilitation Technology and Heritage Management. "REHABEND 2022 Euro-American Congress on Construction Pathology, Rehabilitation Technology and Heritage Management". Santander: Universidad de Cantabria, 2022, p. 1122-1129. ISBN 978-84-09-42253-1 Garcia Ramonda, Larisa & Pelà, Luca & Roca Fabregat, Pedro & Camata, Guido 2022 Cyclic shear compression test, masonry, BTRM, FRCM, Macromodelling
Kinematic response of vertical and batter pile groups in non-linear soft soil Cemalovic, Miran & Husebø, Jan B. & Kaynia, Amir M. 2022 batter piles, clay, kinematic interaction, non-linear, numerical
Multidirectional Lateral Loads and Combination Rules in Pushover Analysis. In: Bento, R., De Stefano, M., Köber, D., Zembaty, Z. (eds) Seismic Behaviour and Design of Irregular and Complex Civil Structures IV. Geotechnical, Geological and Earthquake Engineering, vol 50. Springer, Cham. Cantogallo, Christina & Pellegrini, F. A. & Spacone, Enrico & Camata, Guido 2022 multidirectional lateral loads, combination rules, pushover analysis
Numerical investigation of the contribution of the soil-structure interaction effects to the seismic performance and the losses of RC buildings, Developments in the Built Environment, Volume 12, 2022, 100096, ISSN 2666-1659. Requena-Garcia-Cruz, Maria V. & Romero-Sánchez, Emilio & Morales-Esteban, Antonio 2022 Seismic performance, Loss assessment, Reinforced concrete buildings, Soil-structure interaction (SSI), 3D finite elements, Direct method
Practical macro-element for vertical and batter pile groups. Earthquake Engng Struct Dyn. 2023; 52: 1091– 1111. Cemalovic, Miran & Castro, José M. & Kaynia, Amir M. 2022 batter piles, macro-element, single-pile response, vertical piles, pile inelastic behaviour, soil inelastic behaviour
Shaking Table Test of a Full Scale Three-Leaf Masonry Wall. 10.21203/ Di Michele, Francesco & Spacone, Enrico & Camata, Guido & Brando, Giuseppe & Sextos, Anastasios & Crewe, Adam & Mylonakis, George & Dietz, Matthew & Dihoru, Luiza & Varum, Humberto 2022 Full-scale shake table test, Old masonry buildings, Three-leaf masonry walls, Weak lime-mortar joints
A comparative study on a complex URM building: part I—sensitivity of the seismic response to different modelling options in the equivalent frame models. Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering. 10.1007/s10518-021-01128-7. Ottonelli, D., Manzini, C. F., Marano, C., Cordasco, E.A., Cattari, S. 2021 complex URM building, part I—sensitivity, seismic response, equivalent frame models
Análisis no lineal de la interacción suelo estribo estructura del Puente Águila Norte. Thesis. Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile. Hernández Coo, Jorge Felipe 2021 Análisis no lineal, interacción suelo
Analysis and Application of Open Earthquake Engineering Simulation System (OpenSees) to Nonlinear Structures with Plastic Hinges, National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering (NCREE), Taiwan. (Written in Chinese) Huang, Hsuan-Wen & Hsu, Bo-Tse & Lu, Lyan-Ywan & Hsiao, Fu-Pei & Wei Yeh, Shih. 2021 Open-source system, OpenSees, graphical interface software, plastic hinge, ModIMK plastic hinge model, nonlinear dynamic analysis, Tcl programming language
A simplified approach for the vulnerability assessment of regular and irregular reinforced concrete buildings at the large scale. 4896-4905. 10.7712/120121.8836.19502. Blasone, Valentina & Basaglia, Alberto & Risi, Raffaele & Luca, Flavia & Spacone, Enrico 2021 Vulnerability Assessment, Reinforced Concrete, Shear-Type, Irregular Buildings, Stick-Like Models, Non-Linear History Analyses
Benchmarking the software packages to model and assess the seismic response of unreinforced masonry existing buildings through nonlinear static analyses.Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering. 10.1007/s10518-021-01078-0. Cattari, Serena & Magenes, Guido 2021 seismic response of unreinforced masonry, nonlinear static analyses, Software Benchmarking
Comparación en la modelación de plasticidad concentrada y distribuida para el análisis pushover en un pórtico de concreto armado. Thesis. Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Facultad de Ciencias e Ingeniería. Romero Ángeles, Gonzalo Nicolás 2021 Pórticos, Análisis de estructuras, Construcciones de concreto armado, Análisis estructural (Ingeniería)
Equivalent Frame Method Combining Flexural and Shear Responses of Masonry Buildings. 10.23967/sahc.2021.090 Marano, Corrado & Petracca, Massimo & Camata, Guido & Spacone, Enrico 2021 Masonry, Pushover Analysis, Equivalent frame, Fiber elements, Vulnerability
FRAGILITY CURVES DEFINITION OF EXISTING REINFORCED CONCRETE BUILDINGS DESIGNED FOR GRAVITY LOADS. 5357-5366. 10.7712/120121.8871.19501. Basaglia, Alberto & Terrenzi, Marco & Spacone, Enrico 2021 Seismic Risk, Vulnerability Assessment, Reinforced Concrete, Nonlinear Dy-namic Analyses, Fragility Curves
Influence of the constructive features of RC existing buildings in their ductility and seismic performance. Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering. Requena García de la Cruz, María Victoria & Morales-Esteban, Antonio & Durand, Percy & Blanco, Beatriz 2021 constructive features of RC buildings, ductility, seismic performance
Mevcut Betonarme Binalarda Kolon-Kiriş Birleşimi Modellemesinin Etkileri. 6th International Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology. Girgin, Sadik & Polat, Faruk & Misir, Ibrahim 2021 Betonarme binalar, kolon-kiriş birleşimi modellemesi, zaman tanım alanında doğrusal olmayan analiz, mevcut bina değerlendirmesi, sismik performans
Interazione suolo struttura applicato all'analisi di un ponte autostradale, Ingenio. Petracca, Massimo & Bottini, Maurizio & Sallese, Luca & Marano, Corrado & Di Francesco, Fausto & Camata, Guido 2021 modellazione dinamica nonlineare, interazione terreno-fondazione-struttura (SFSI), ponte autostradale
Modelling the seismic response of a 2-storey URM benchmark case study: comparison among different equivalent frame models. Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering. 10.1007/s10518-021-01173-2. Manzini, Carlo Filippo & Ottonelli, Daria & Degli Abbati, Stefania & Marano, Corrado & Cordasco 2021 modeling, seismic response, 2-storey URM benchmark case study, equivalent frame models
Multidisciplinary Performance Assessment of an Eco-Sustainable RC-Framed Skin for the Integrated Upgrading of Existing Buildings. Sustainability. 13. 10.3390/su13169225. Pozza, Luca & Degli Esposti, Anna & Bonoli, Alessandra & Talledo, Diego & Barbaresi, Luca & Semprini, Giovanni & Savoia, Marco 2021 Multidisciplinary Performance Assessment, Eco-Sustainable RC-Framed Skin
Nonlinear modelling of the seismic response of masonry structures: Calibration strategies. Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering. 10.1007/s10518-021-01104-1. D'Altri, Antonio & Cannizzaro, Francesco & Petracca, Massimo & Talledo, Diego 2021 Nonlinear modelling, seismic response of masonry structures, Calibration strategies
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Numerical simulation of shear tests on RC, FRC, prestressed HPFRC beams without shear reinforcement, Master's Degree thesis, Politecnico di Torino, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid Marianelli, Antonella 2021 shear tests, RC beams, FRC beams, Prestressed HPFRC beams
Optimal ductility enhancement of RC framed buildings considering different non-invasive retrofitting techniques. Engineering Structures. 242. 112572. 10.1016/j.engstruct.2021.112572. 19. 1-25. 10.1007/s10518-020-00984-z. Requena García de la Cruz, María Victoria & Morales-Esteban, Antonio & Durand, Percy 2021 Optimal ductility enhancement, RC Frames, non-invasive retrofitting techniques
Parallel scalability of OpenSees on NeSI. HPC for 2D/3D site response analysis. NZSEE 2021 Annual Conference Eskandarighadi M., McGann C.R., Hyde C., Trow L. & Wan S 2021 Parallel scalability, NeSI, HPC, 2D/3D site response analysis
Seismic fragility models for typical non-engineered URM residential buildings in Malawi. Structures, 32, pp. 2266-2278. Giordano, N., De Risi, R., Voyagaki, E., Kloukinas, P., Novelli, V., Kafodya, I., Ngoma, I., Goda, K., Macdonald, J 2021 Seismic fragility models, non-engineered URM residential buildings, Earthquake vulnerability, Malawi, Residential buildings, Unreinforced masonry, Masonry panel test data, Orthotropic model, In-plane damage, Out-of-plane damage
Seismic Interaction of Adjacent Structures on Liquefiable Soils: Insight from Centrifuge and Numerical Modeling. Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering. 147. 04021063. 10.1061/(ASCE)GT.1943-5606.0002546. Hwang, Yu-Wei & Dashti, Shideh & Ramirez, Jenny & Liel, Abbie & Kirkwood, Peter & Camata, Guido & Petracca, Massimo 2021 Seismic Interaction of Adjacent Structures on Liquefiable Soils, Seismic coupling and structure-soil-structure interaction (SSSI), nonlinear finite-element analyses, soil constitutive model
Seismic performance characterization of Nepali school buildings using a novel micro-modeling approach, University of Kansas ProQuest Dissertations Publishing,  2021. 28499209. Alok Bhatta 2021 high-fidelity models, Nepali school buildings, seismic performance, micro-modeling, masonry
Simplified computational methods for estimating dynamic impedance of batter pile groups in homogeneous soil. Earthquake Engng Struct Dyn. 50: 3894– 3915. Cemalovic, M, Husebø, JB, Kaynia, AM. 2021 computational methods, dynamic impedance, batter pile groups, homogenous soil, structural dynamics
Soil-Structure Interaction in the Seismic Vulnerability Analysis of Rc Buildings. Application to a Case Study Building Located in Southwestern Spain. 5015-5027. 10.7712/120121.8846.18945. Requena García de la Cruz, María Victoria & Morales-Esteban, Antonio & Durand, Percy & Romero-Sánchez, Emilio 2021 Soil-Structure Interaction, Seismic Vulnerability Analysis, Rc Buildings
Studio del degrado indotto dalla corrosione nelle selle gerber: simulazioni numeriche, Master's Thesis, Politecnico di Torino. Di Benedetto, Marilisa 2021 Trave Gerber, monitoraggio, valutazione dello stato di ammaloramento, degrado strutturale
Validation of non-linear equivalent-frame models for irregular masonry walls. Engineering Structures. 253. 10.1016/j.engstruct.2021.113755. Camata, Guido & Marano, Corrado & Sepe, Vincenzo & Spacone, Enrico & Siano, Rossella & Petracca, Massimo & Roca, Pere & Pelà, Luca 2021 Masonry structures, Unreinforced masonry walls, Equivalent-frame models, Seismic 35 vulnerability, Non-linear static analysis, micromodeling
Verifica sismica degli edifici in muratura: come usare consapevolmente i software di calcolo, Ingenio. Cattari, Serena & Camata, Guido & Magenes, Guido & Calderoni, Bruno & Caliò, Ivo & de Miranda, Stefano & Milani, Gabriele & Saetta, Anna 2021 muratura, verifiche, software di calcolo
Advanced Tools for Fast Micro-Modelling of Masonry Structures. 12th International Conference on Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions, SAHC 2020 Petracca, Massimo & Marano, Corrado & Camata, Guido & Pela, Luca 2020 Masonry, Micro-Modelling, Continuum Damage, IMPLEX
An experimental comparison of micro-modelling and meso-modelling for an unreinforced masonry wall. Paper presented at 17th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Sendai, Japan. Cross, Ted & De Luca, Flavia & De Risi, Raffaele 2020 micro-modeling, meso-modelling, unreinforced masonry
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