STKO is Innovative

The STKO Team is constantly working to develop new materials, features, and integrations to make STKO more powerful and customizable. We both conduct and follow research in structural and civil engineering to make sure that STKO features are up-to-date and incorporate cutting-edge research.

Preprocessor Features


  • Import-export of open file formats (STEP and IGES)
  • Curve modeling
  • Surface modeling
  • Solid modeling
  • Interface modeling


  • Order: Linear, Quadratic, Quadratic-serendipity.
  • Edge Seed: Uniform by divisions, Uniform by size, Biased by size and bias factor, Biased by number and bias factor, Dual-biased by size and bias factors
  • Algorithms: 2D un-structured for triangles and quadrilaterals, 3D un-structured for tetrahedrons, 2D structured for triangles and quadrilaterals, 3D structured for hexahedrons


  • Materials: Uniaxial 
  • nD. Sections: Aggregator
  • Beam fiber-section
  • Shell layered-section.


  • SP constraints
  • MP constraints
  • Loads
  • Uniform excitation pattern
  • Multi-support excitation pattern


  • Static
  • Transient
  • Eigenvalues

The STKO preprocessor features all your standard CAD modeling tools, a wide variety of meshes, and ALL materials, elements, conditions, and interactions offered in OpenSees

Postprocessor Features


  • Save/Load existing postprocessor files (restore plots, charts, etc.)
  • Import single or multiple MPCO output databases


  • Deformed shape
  • Surface plot
  • Volume plot
  • Gauss-point plot
  • Beam/Shell fiber-section plot
  • Vector plot
  • Beam-Diagram Plot


  • Extract data from database
  • Extract data from nodes
  • Extract data from guass points
  • Extract data from fibers
  • Create 2D Charts


  • Python scripting interface
  • Add new user-defined components for preprocessing
  • Extend STKO built-in interfaces for OpenSees components

The STKO postprocessor really shines as an OpenSees GUI. Users can take charge of the analysis results and transform them into a number of different charts, plots, and animations. It empowers users to turn the numbers into impactful animations and charts that help them envision the full picture behind the results.

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