Licensed STKO Resellers

We know that Universities and Businesses can have internal policies regarding invoicing, often restricted to certain countries or geographical areas. That’s why ASDEA Software is teaming up with Software Resellers around the world to make STKO more available for you. On this page, discover our resellers around the world, or scroll down to learn more about STKO Resellers in your country!

Sistema Phoenix

For our clients in Mexico, Sistema Phoenix is now a licensed STKO Reseller, for more information or a quote contact them.

Para nuestros clientes en México, Sistema Phoenix es ahora un revendedor autorizado de STKO, para más información o una cotización contáctelos.

Tel: +(55)5602-0855


Asdea Peru is now licensed to resell STKO in Peru, for more information or to obtain a quote, contact them.

Asdea Perú tiene ahora licencia para revender STKO en Perú, para más información o para obtener un presupuesto, póngase en contacto con ellos.

Contacts/Contactos: asdea.perù

 Telefono:+51 940396034

STKO China

In order to better serve our Chinese users, we are working with Zhang Ping, a PhD student at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, to produce tutorials, videos, and content about STKO in Chinese. Scan the QR code above to access the official WeChat account. You can contact him via WeChat for more information on STKO sales in China.

Zhang Ping has also been working to curate some blogs and produce webinars which are hosted on a variety of sites, see his content on Bilibili. You can also learn more about STKO on CSDN.

Resell STKO in Your Country

We are currently looking to grow our STKO reselling team! Are you interested in reselling STKO in your country? If yes, CLICK HERE to download our general contract and fill out the application form attached at the end of the contract template. Then, write to us at to discuss the opportunity. We look forward to working with you!