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Bence Kato

In academia very often in order to produce cutting edge research one has to create or use opensource software made by engineers and academics, not professional software developers. As a PhD candidate I remember how intimidating getting to know and use an opensource software was. With STKO we get a cutting edge, ever-evolving opensource software and all the pretty pre- and post-processing visuals we expect from an established commercial software. All this is nothing though if people can’t understand the capabilities and pitfalls of the software, and this is where STKO won me over. To even advanced problems we may face as academics the STKO forum runners provide professional and quick responses that has saved me weeks of headaches during my research. Moreover, they have high-quality educational and tutorial videos from basic all the way to advanced topics on their YouTube channel that makes learning OpenSees and its advanced capabilities quite straightforward. The technical support is what truly makes this software stand out.

-PhD, China, Postdoctoral Researcher, Harbin Institute of Technology

José A. Abell

The great people at ASDEA Software are doing an amazing job in providing a powerful interface to OpenSees with STKO, while also freely contributing quality code to the main open-source program and providing the invaluable service of documentation and code verification. STKO’s intuitive and responsive graphical user interface lines up beautifully with a typical OpenSees workflow, so experienced users feel at home, while providing newcomers a gentler learning experience into OpenSees modeling. On top of that, STKO provides useful automations that simplify complex modeling tasks and also provides for beautiful post-processing capabilities.

-PhD – Chile, Profesor Asistente Facultad de Ingeniería y Ciencias Aplicadas at the Universidad de los Andes

Janaka Nishantha

I used STKO for my MSc research works with OpenSees as post analysis interpreter. Since OpenSees has no graphical interface, STKO helped a lot to understand the behaviour of the model under analysed conditions. I would definitely recommend STKO.
-Sri Lanka, Civil Engineer, steel structures and telecommunication infrastructure

Miran Cemalovic

Working with fairly complex FE-models and somewhat of a reluctance towards “black box” commercial software, STKO is exactly what I need.

-Norway, PhD candidate at NTNU/bridge engineer at Sweco Norway AS

Paulo Providencia

I have used OpenSees in STKO, and I think it is a fantastic collaborative platform. Prof. Massimo Petracca’s webinars are formidable.

-PhD, Portugal, Auxiliary Professor at the University of Coimbra

Yu-Wei Hwang

STKO/Asdea software has implemented many useful tools and functions to help researchers perform advanced finite element analysis in geotechnical engineering. In particular, the great post-process user interface allows the user to visualize the 2D or 3D analysis results in a flexible manner.

-PhD, Assistant Professor at National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

Rania Al-Ahmar

STKO/Asdea is an efficient and powerful software for numerical simulation in both Geotechnical and Structural Earthquake Engineering, it has many options to efficiently perform the required modeling and analyses. Furthermore, STKO Team is very cooperative and works hard to solve any problem and develop the software’s performance in line with everything new in engineering science.

-PhD candidate and lecturer –  Syria, the Higher Institute of Earthquake Studies and Research at Damascus University

María Victoria Requena García de la Cruz

I have been using STKO since its very beginning. This software has easily allowed me to be more efficient on my research. It is a user-friendly and reliable software to work with OpenSees, providing more functionality than any other platform. The STKO/Asdea Team is also extremely helpful, committed to solve problems as well as very responsive and ready to give education any time we need. What I most like is that they are constantly improving the software adding new features according to new research needs

– PhD, Spain, Universidad de Sevilla