MonStr System



The ground-breaking MonStr system reduces cost and complexity by being designed to work with normal PCs with our revolutionary software installed and common ethernet cables and switches.

MonStr (Monitoring Structural) is a monitoring system composed of 2 main components:

MonStr Nodes

High precision sensors (MonStr Node O) and data acquisition
(MonStr Node I) devices

MonStr Processing Core (PC)

The MonStr PC collects, processes, and saves data from the MonStr nodes

Advantages of MonStr


The sensors are designed to be installed in any condition, thanks to the use of a single ethernet cable for both power supply and data transport.


MonStr Nodes can be easily added to or removed from the monitoring system, making the system fully extendable and scalable.


Unlimited channels are synchronized with each other to a fraction of a millisecond, assuring the temporal coherence between all collected data.


MonStr-O Nodes sensors and features can be customized depending on the application, and extra sensors can be added to MonStr-I Nodes using a dedicated port.

System Features

Ethernet switches can be added to extend the system
An unlimited number of synchronized nodes and sensors can be added/removed

Customizable Device Set-Up

Sensor parameters for each device on the network can be customized by selecting the dynamic range, sample frequency, etc. The acquisition software automatically customizes all devices.

Extremely Low Power Consumption

Each MonStr draws a mere 0.6W.

Plug and Play Functionality

Connect the devices to the central data collector and automatically start monitoring. Devices can be added or removed from the network at any time, by plugging in the MonStr nodes.