Ageing, increased severe weather events, temperature volatility, and heat waves caused by climate change mean that our infrastructures are ever more exposed to potentially damaging and weakening events. Monitoring infrastructures is increasingly crucial for ensuring safety.

Changes in national and international standards for performance and sustainability mean that it is crucial to now have extremely accurate information on the real-time performance of infrastructures.

Detect, Improve, Predict

The MonStr System can be installed on all types of Infrastructures, from bridges and tunnels to railway bridges and viaducts, retaining walls, etc. Our Digital Twinning technology creates an exact finite element digital replica of a structure using dedicated modeling software.

Using AI and the data gathered by the MonStr sensors, the digital replica continuously updates to reflect changes to the structure in real-time. It can then model potential future behavior of the structure, simulate behavior under unusual stress (i.e., disaster situations), and be used for maintenance and renovation purposes.

The FEM model can be used to predict and plan maintenance interventions and even run simulations on the effectiveness of different repair scenarios, saving time and money.

Our AI algorithms work to auto-detect anomalies like

Stiffness reduction (frequencies)

Crack width

Joint damage

Displacement anomalies

Differential settlements

And more...