Our Approach


What makes our technology unique is its consistency and compatibility

All the hardware and software products used are developed and produced by ASDEA itself, including the MonStr sensors: novel high-performing devices for signal acquisition. The data-driven algorithms and model-based tools are managed in the same virtual environment provided by the STKO software, which was initially designed for finite-element analysis has now been extended for sophisticated digital twinning applications. Our proposed solution utilizes parallel computing and GPU programming to speed up big data analysis.

We provide a large selection of Processing Algorithms and numerical tools directly developed by ASDEA Software, a world-leading company in structural engineering software. Our Impressive Selection of Software includes cloud computing capabilities and real-time charts to visualize data anywhere in real-time:

  • Optimal Sensor Placement (OSP) software
  • Data processing and selection AI software
  • Structural identification AI Software
  • Structural anomaly, damage detection, and predictive analysis with data driven AI and model-based FE mathematical tools