Heritage Structures

ASDEA Engineering is a leader in the fields of safety assessment and seismic improvement/retrofitting of existing buildings and heritage structures. We know how to carefully assess the current conditions of structures using a variety of non-invasive methods and techniques.

Assess, Restore, Protect

Installing the MonStr system on a historical structure, monument, or existing building provides more information to work with than traditional survey methods alone. The plethora of precise information gathered by the sensors is then utilized to evaluate the safety and vulnerability and restore the structure through a seismic retrofitting or restoration intervention to make the structure safer and more performative.

Continued long-term monitoring and the creation of a digital twin using the MonStr system enables long-term planning for structural safety and integrity. We can predict the effect that years of heavy tourism, nearby traffic and construction work could have on the monument, as well as create emergency plans in case of extreme weather events or natural disasters, protecting the structure against inopportune events.

Our team has studied and researched the best materials and innovative procedures for planning minimally invasive restoration projects and selecting materials that won’t detract from the historic value of the structure.