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Highly Technological Solutions



As much as the standard design process for structures and infrastructure can provide advanced structural analysis tools, it only considers the creation of the structure itself or the classic execution of strengthening interventions. The current need to optimize resources and processes and make the industry sustainable means that stopping at the mere construction of the work is somewhat obsolete.

Integrated Design Process.

There is, therefore, a pressing need for an integrated and well-rounded design and maintenance process that encapsulates the entire life-cycle of the structure across all sectors of construction.

Wedding Physical with Digital.

From this gap between industry needs and current processes, we came up with the idea to create a company capable of developing technological solutions that wed the physical world with the digital through the creation of an innovative electronic monitoring system that is highly technological and perfectly integrated into industry 4.0.

Prevention is the Best Solution.

Our mission is to design and ideate devices that can prevent catastrophes due to structural degradation or unforeseen events, both natural and caused by humans. Our solution features real-time round-the-clock monitoring and sophisticated data analysis that identify problems before they become critical.

3 Companies, 1 Story.

ASDEA Hardware is part of ASDEA, a brand aimed at providing innovative solutions for Structural Design, Advanced Numerical Simulations, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data Processing.


Hardware for preventing damage, prolonging the lifespan, and protecting the built environment.


Providing innovative software solutions, both developed in-house and custom-made for our clients.


Decades of multidisciplinary experience in engineering and architectural services.

 Advanced Structural Design

& Analysis