MonStr PC


The MonStr PC is our solution to an acquisition system. It comes with our dedicated software pre-installed and ready to connect to your MonStr devices for immediate monitoring.

Advantages of MonStr PC


After running a series of checks to ensure the proper functioning of the system, the MonStr PC is ready. It connects quickly and easily to your MonStr Nodes, allowing you to quickly and conveniently begin your journey in Structural Health Monitoring with Digital Twinning!

HDF5 Database

Data is stored in the HDF5 database, the same database used by NASA, optimized for big data and fast processing. Data can then be easily stored and processed with third-party software or with our state-of-the-art software.

Vast Selection of Processing Algorithms

Our system uses innovative algorithms developed by ASDEA Software, a world-leading company in structural engineering software with decades of experience in the field.

No Costly Acquisition System

The only acquisition system needed is our MonStr PC.