FEM Software

Model Driven Methods


Our State of the Art software STKO develops sophisticated Finite Element Models to assess structural safety, seismic vulnerability, design interventions, and runs simulations on the effectiveness of different repair scenarios, saving time and money.

Complex analyses of structures and infrastructures modeled with highly sophisticated micro-modeling techniques can be run quickly in STKO thanks to the use of mixed explicit-implicit IMPLEX solutions.

STKO and MonStr, a Perfect Fit


STKO uses OpenSees solvers to analyze the models and is the only pre and postprocessor that includes ALL materials, elements, conditions, and interactions available in OpenSees, allowing you to take advantage of all the potential that OpenSees has to offer.

STKO features a python scripting interface in both the pre and postprocessors, allowing users to manually manipulate analyses and results in real-time. Users can also use the python interface to create custom scripts to create personalized modeling tools, parametric analyses, artificial intelligence codes, and much more.

STKO was extended for use in the MonStr system to use AI, meaning the digital twin created learns the structure over time, resulting in a model that is highly representative of real conditions. Unlock the potential of predictive modeling using STKO and MonStr.