Presenting MonStr

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is a useful tool for ensuring integrity and safety, detecting the evolution of damage, and estimating the performance deterioration of civil infrastructures. Our producs and services for SHM are designed specifically to help ensure structural safety.

Our proprietary Monitoring Structural (MonStr) System profoundly improves the comprehension of the structural performance of new and existing structures and infrastructures.

Our Experience

We have worldwide experience in structural safety and vulnerability assessments. We can evaluate the performance, safety, and degradation of structures and infrastructures through a unique integration of our sensors and data and model-driven methods.

Our products and services for SHM, like the MonStr System, enables engineers, project managers, and stakeholders a real-time overview of structural performance. This enables them to identify potential sources of anomaly before they become a problem and prolong the asset’s life span.

Our Products and Services for SHM:

Preliminary Investigation

Inspection, Survey, and document acquisition

Structural Identification

Structural identification with Operation Modal Analysis or Artificial Intelligence Algorithms.

Digital Twinning

Our revolutionary system fully integrates STKO and MonStr AI. Structural integrity is evaluated using a precise digital replica of the structure, calibrated and continuously updated via MonStr sensors. The model verifies the data-driven anomalies and checks for false alarms.

On-site Experimental Campaign

Definition of the experimental campaign

Report and Web Analytics

A web-based dashboard is used to provide the information and statistics to the client. The data can also be provided in raw format.

Data-driven Integrity Assessment

Data processing, selection, and anomaly detection with our proprietary software (MonStr AI) based on Artificial Intelligence Algorithms.

Optimal Sensor Placement

Definition of the Optimal Sensor Placement (OSP) with our proprietary algorithms

Continuous Monitoring

The structure is monitored continuously 24/7, without using triggers or recording windows.

Model-based Integrity Assessment

The structural integrity is evaluated with advanced numerical models calibrated with MonStr data and developed with our proprietary software (STKO). MonStr sensor data are directly integrated in STKO using the HDF5 database.