With more than 15 years of experience in civil engineering, ASDEA is with you every step of the way in the construction of your building and throughout its lifecycle.

We use a variety of techniques, including BIM and LEED, to ensure the very best for our clients.

Monitor, Prevent, and
Extend Building Life

ASDEA’s team of experienced engineers and architects can assist with the entire process of your construction/restoration project, from the initial design phase to pre-construction, cost evaluation, site management, safety assessment, and more. As experts in the field of seismic safety, we integrate innovative isolation solutions to keep your building safe and performative during seismic events.

ASDEA Hardware works with the ASDEA Engineering team and the software experts at ASDEA Software to install the MonStr system on your building.

Using the sensor data, we provide a near real-time overview of the building’s actual performance. Our team can monitor building safety and extend its lifetime through targeted repairs and interventions using the MonStr System as a tool for assessment.