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A Collaborative Webinar Series with Industry Experts

Unveiling the Power of STKO and OpenSees through our webinar series. Join us as we dive into the cutting edge of earthquake engineering as we embark on a captivating webinar series exploring STKO, OpenSees, and groundbreaking applications alongside industry luminaries and esteemed academic researchers from across the globe.

We have also collaborated with DesignSafe-CI to help users learn more about STKO, OpenSees, and the potential of the programs with DesignSafe. View more info about the DesignSafe webinar collaboration here!
This unparalleled learning experience will delve into diverse topics, empowering you to:

  • Master the intricacies of STKO and OpenSees: Gain in-depth knowledge of these advanced computational tools from the experts who shape their development.
  • Explore real-world applications: Witness the transformative potential of STKO and OpenSees with practical case studies showcased by industry leaders.
  • Unlock the power of DesignSafe-CI: Discover how DesignSafe-CI seamlessly integrates with STKO and OpenSees, streamlining your research workflow and amplifying your capabilities.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to:

  • Network with leading figures: Engage in interactive discussions with industry experts and academic thought leaders.
  • Expand your knowledge base: Acquire valuable insights and practical skills applicable to your research and professional endeavors.
  • Stay at the forefront: Gain a competitive edge by staying abreast of the latest advancements in earthquake engineering software and applications.

We will include links to previous webinar recordings and folders for downloading related files at the bottom of the page. These webinars are hosted on Zoom and usually run for an hour. After the presentation, there will be a final Q&A session with our presenters.

Register now and join us on this exciting journey of discovery!

Our Webinars

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Dr. Diego Talledo

Dr. Diego Talledo

Assistant Professor of Structural Engineering at University IUAV of Venice

He graduated in Civil Engineering from the University of Padova in 2009. He obtained his PhD in “Mitigation of risks due to natural hazards on structures and infrastructures” from the University of Florence and Technical University Braunschweig in 2013. Since 2022 he has been an Assistant Professor of Structural Engineering at University IUAV of Venice. He is a co-convener of fib TG 2.14 Open-source code development by the fib. His research interests include numerical analyses of reinforced concrete structures including the effect of environmental degradation, seismic analysis of concrete and masonry structures, the vulnerability of historical buildings, numerical models for CLT constructions, and monitoring of the built environment by means of satellite data.

Upcoming Webinars:

Number Title Featured Presenter Date
03 The New ASDCoupledHinge Model for Accounting PMM Interaction Within Lumped Approaches for RC Elements. Dr. Diego Talledo April 24, 2024
04 Macro Elements for Bridge Abutments. Dr. Davide Gorini May, 2024
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Past Webinar Videos and Files

Number Webinar Description Files
High-fidelity micro-modeling with OpenSees and STKO: Application to the analysis of infilled frames subject to seismic loads
This webinar focuses on the use of high-fidelity micro-modeling to generate numerical models of infilled frames for seismic performance assessment. The models are built with OpenSees and STKO, and can predict damage patterns and assess internal force distribution due to frame-infill interaction. The webinar also covers modeling techniques for masonry and reinforced members, and how to perform high-performance computing for quality simulations in a short time.
Offshore Wind Turbines in Seismic Regions: Simplified Structural Modelling, Myths, and Fallacies.
Offshore wind industry is forecasted to become a trillion-dollar industry in the next few decades. Significant investments are expected from Asian and American markets. Seismic actions may be a dominant design factor for those regions. With this talk we will go through a number of technical myths and fallacies around the rising offshore wind industry in seismic countries. The talk comprises two parts. First, a general identification of the issues associated with the seismic design/assessment is provided. Then, few applications are demonstrated on the seismic behaviour of typical monopiles offshore wind turbines
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