STKO V3.0.0 is now available for download

STKO v.3.0.0 was released in early May. Our team was enthusiastic about sharing this version with our STKdOers, as many of the tools and improvements were things you had suggested and asked for over the years. We appreciate our long-time users who have shared their ideas with us and the newcomers’ enthusiasm for learning the software.

You can download V 3.0.0 from our download page by logging in to your account or by registering for an account if you have never downloaded STKO before.

If you want to learn about the new features included in the STKO v3.0.0 postprocessor, you can watch Dr. Massimo Petracca’s webinar about the update on our YouTube channel.

Version 3.0.0 Change Log


  • Fixed a typo in the Custom Beam Section (Ixx refers to Izz)
  • Fixed a bug in the node-to-element interaction while calculating the nearest element component
  • Fixed a bug while Cloning a Physical Property: The section extrusion was not cloned
  • Fixed a bug in the Joint2DMaterial not accepting a uniaxial material for MatC
  • Fixed a bug in Rectangle command

Improvements and New Features (Python API)

  • The Elastic Section can now accept uniaxial materials instead of E and G (elastic constants), and It will automatically create a section aggregator instead of an Elastic Section
  • Added new Elements: MVLEM, SFI_MVLEM and GradientInelasticBeamColumn
  • Added new Uniaxial materials: Multiplier
  • Added mesh controls to PythonAPI
  • Added selection in MpcPostDocument to PythonAPI
  • The ASDEmbeddedNodeElement now works also with U-P elements

Improvements and New Features

  • The work tree in the postprocessor now has model information coming from the pre-processor
  • Plots can be shown/hidden or locked/unlocked from the work tree
  • The color-bar in plots can now be edited and moved
  • The animation of a plot group can now be either time-history based (as in previous versions) or scale-factor based
  • The pre-processor document now supports the Auto-Save feature

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