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ASDEA, Advanced Structural Design & Analysis was founded by researchers and engineers with decades of significant international experience with the aim of providing innovative and highly technological solutions in the field of structural engineering.

Since 2009, the engineering branch of ASDEA has provided services in geotechnical and structural design, finite element analysis, construction management, seismic risk assessments, and more. Our extensive experience in scientific research means we can provide our clients with innovative, high-quality, cutting-edge solutions. Our goal is to establish new standards by introducing ultra-modern calculation methods and intervention strategies.

Is no ordinary software company.
To continue providing our customers with highly advanced solutions, ASDEA branched out, and Asdea Software was established as the first branch in 2017. We don’t have to predict what engineers working in the field need from their software because we know it firsthand. The collaboration between ASDEA and ASDEA software creates a synergy that allows us to develop ultra-modern and highly functional software.

Is the newest branch in the ASDEA family.  Founded in 2021, this company bridges the gap between our engineering work and our software for numerical simulations (like STKO) and creates specialized hardware components for civil engineering applications. With our first product MonStr, a modular cutting-edge integrated sensor system, we are at the forefront of structural health monitoring and digital twinning technologies.

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