STKO Free Academic License

With the launch of STKO v2.0, our team announced the release of a new FREE Academic license. We realized we needed a simple and free license to allow students and others interested in the software the time to play around with the different features and learn the ins and out of the software. Through the continuous development and improvement of STKO’s graphic user interface, the STKO Team hopes to make OpenSees more tangible and accessible.

The potential of OpenSees as a tool for seismic engineering is vast and boundless, but the complexity and text-based nature of OpenSees is a huge barrier preventing its use from being widespread among academics, students, and professionals in the field. The intention behind the release of the free version is to broaden the scope of OpenSees and open up its use, through STKO, to a wider variety of interested users.

We want students to have more access and increased interaction with OpenSees didactically. With the Free academic license, they will be able to build models, run analyses, and experiment in STKO. This license is also perfect for university students looking to self-study the basics of OpenSees.

From now on, all downloads of the 30-day STKO Trial licenses will automatically convert to the Free Academic license upon expiration. Users will be able to continue learning the software and modeling without interruption. To learn more about the Free academic license and what is included, please see the license comparison chart on our Purchase Page.

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