Kerakoll and ASDEA: a Fruitful Partnership

At ASDEA, we know that good engineering doesn’t happen in a vaccum. To create innovative solutions, a multidisciplinary approach is necessary, which is why our three companies are specialized in different, yet highly interconnected fields. To further this, we seek to form partnerships with other companies that share our beliefs and objectives to the benefit of all parties involved. We put our diverse knowledge and skills to the test and work to achieve a common goal.

For example, our collaboration with Kerakoll has lasted for a decade, and it has been incredibly fruitful.

Both the ASDEA brand and Kerakoll are committed to enhancing building safety by applying cutting-edge technology and solutions.

 We recently collaborated with Kerakoll to explore the efficiency of new reinforcement methods during seismic activity. ASDEA Software performed complex computational studies while the Engineering team helped design the reinforcement systems for Kerakoll, and the Hardware team provided MonStr devices to monitor the test structure.

ASDEA Software was responsible for dynamic nonlinear evaluations of the reinforcing systems, which were designed using the Geoforce One software (developed by ASDEA Software for Kerakoll). The goal of the tests was to check the efficacy of the reinforcement techniques Kerakoll devised. The investigation of how the structure reacted to dynamic loads provided crucial information regarding the performance of the reinforcement systems.

The MonSTR devices provided crucial information on the performance of the reinforcing systems and the accuracy of the predictive models. The comparison between the data gathered by the sensors during the tests and the numerical simulations demonstrated that the computational models we developed were accurate. This made it feasible to determine the effectiveness of the reinforcing systems.

We are thrilled to maintain the mutually beneficial cooperation that we have developed and eagerly anticipate working together in the future. As we strive toward creating a brighter future, we remain steadfast in our dedication to promoting the exchange of forward-thinking ideas and the discovery of environmentally sustainable solutions.

Watch the video produced by Kerakoll about these tests below, or click here to learn more about their work in seismic safety.

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