Camata Presents at Getty Colloqium

Camata Presents at Getty Colloquium

Prof. Guido Camata, Partner and Technical Director at ASDEA S.rl., was asked to participate in a colloquium for the Seismic Retrofitting Project. The Seismic Retrofitting Project is an Earthen Architecture Initiative project, supported by the Getty Conservation Institute Council in conjunction with the Peruvian Ministry of Culture, to develop peer-reviewed guidelines for potential inclusion in the Peruvian Building code regarding retrofitting designs and techniques.

A panel composed of notable experts from around the world was convened for the colloquium to discuss the topic and generate a discussion on experiences and best practices. Camata was one of three Italians asked to speak in the colloquium, which also featured experts from North and South America, Asia, and Europe.

In his lecture, Camata addressed the primary criteria for seismic vulnerability evaluation and intervention efficacy, the guidelines produced by MIBAC (Italian Ministry of Culture), and included several illustrative fieldwork experiences, including projects developed by ASDEA S.r.l.

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