Announcing the 2020 STKO Research Grant License Winners

While we have already announced the winners of our 2020 STKO Research License Initiative on Facebook and LinkedIn, we would be remiss not to also publish their names and research subjects on our site. Thus, we are proud to announce the winners are as follows:

  • Cem Goksoy for his research project entitled: Analytical Investigation of Cyclic Behavior Parameters and Performance Limits for Precast Moment-Resisting Beam-Column Connections
  • Guillermo Ponce V for his research project entitled: Bridge Column Seismic Damage Accumulation Assessment through Shaking Table Tests
  • Vefa Okmus for his research project entitled: Investigation of Structure-Soil-Structure Interaction in High-Rise Structures with Piles Under Earthquake Effects
  • Pablo Espinoza Vargas for his research project entitled: Analysis of deformations on “El Torito” Tailings Dam
  • Faruk Polat for his research project entitled: Investigation of Strain-based Performance Limits in Reinforced Concrete Buildings with Inadequately Detailed Beam-column Joints

The STKO team and all of ASDEA Software’s staff wish to extend our sincerest congratulation to the winners. It was indeed an honor to receive so many remarkable research proposals from around the world. We are excited to watch the development of these projects and can’t wait to see what innovative research proposals will be submitted next year.

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