Asdea Soft presented STKO in Porto – the pre and post processor for Opensees –

The first European Conference on Opensees took place in Porto on the 19th and 20th of June. Asdea and Asdea Soft were sponsors of the event held within the Faculty of Engineering of Porto. The team successfully presented STKO (Scientific Toolkit for OpenSees) software to the researchers at the conference.

Our software developer talked about the innovative features that make the software revolutionary. First of all, STKO is a cutting-edge complex data visualization tool, a fully customizable pre, and postprocessor for OpenSees.

Second of all, it has a scriptable (Python) interface that also allows the user to customize the modeling workflow. Python code can also easily define new entities that mimic OpenSees components (such as materials, sections, etc.). These new entities are then exposed to STKO and, thus, to the end user.

The pre and postprocessor for OpenSees will officially be launched at the end of summer 2017. We are offering a free trial version for all users who filled in our registration form during Opensees Days. We appreciate your interest in our software and your positive feedback!

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