STKO Beta version is finally ready!

From 3 May 2019, Asdea Software launched STKO (Scientific Toolkit for OpenSees). STKO is a powerful pre and post processor and cutting-edge data visualization tool for Opensees. By using STKO a user can create a Tool Command Language (TCL) input file for Opensees and an output file readable by its graphic interface. The user can customize and manipulate with a Python-based scripting interface the model input and output to create customized engineering demand parameters and output data.

Actually STKO is available in Beta Version from the following link:

Some installation TIPS:

After installing STKO, do not forget to install OpenSees 3.0.3. from the following link.

You also need to install HDF5 library that you can find here. After that, create the environment variable HDF5_DISABLE_VERSION_CHECK= 2

Finally, you are ready to use STKO+OpenSees + HDF5 based on MPCO Recorder!

All software information documents are available not only in the SUPPORT section of STKO but also on YouTube channel of Asdea Software Technology.

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