STKO 2.0

STKO Release 2.0 opens whole new worlds of customization for STKdOers.

Version 2.0 contains the long-awaited Python scripting interface for the pre and postprocessor. With the Python scripting interface in the preprocessor, users will be able to design geometries directly by coding them and attribute elements and physical properties from the interface. In the postprocessor, users will now be able to interact in real-time with the results or query the existing results. The interface means STKdOers will even be able to create additional customized derived results as a function of the existing results.

Another particularly exciting feature of the interface is the possibility to generate custom graphs using Python’s libraries. With the V.2.0 launch, we are also announcing the NEW Free Academic License. From now on, when your trial license expires, it will automatically convert to a Free Academic License. This is a limited license that can be used by individuals, students, and teachers to learn and explore the software.

We are thrilled to finally have a license perfect for all the OpenSees beginners and hobbyists out there. The license, however, should not be used for developing or publishing research or for profit-generating applications. Please see the Purchase Page for more information about the Free license.
Version 2.0.0 Change Log

  • Fixed a bug in
  • Fixed a bug in the element when UR is not selected
  • Fixed a bug in the Monitor function when used in parallel
  • Fixed a bug in the Region command for writing elements into a tcl list
  • Added support for AllFiles in the OpenFile Dialog to load the MPCO output database
  • Fixed a bug when opening inconsistent MPCO databases from parallel analyses

Improvements and New Features (Python API)

  • Added commands for modalProperties and responseSpectrum

Improvements and New Features

  • Quad structured mesh in Beam Fiber Section
  • Added new Scripting Framework to interact with the pre and postprocessor documents; users will see a new Dock Widget for scripting
  • Added support for “stress.6” output from PDMY material now recognized by STKO as a stress tensor
  • Colors schemes added to the DeformedShape Plot for viewing different criteria (elements, properties, geometries, etc.

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