New Beam Diagram Plot in STKO

Have you heard about the NEW Beam Diagram Plot in STKO V1.1.5?
STKO’s postprocessor now features the ever-green Beam-Diagram Plot.

This tool supports both:

  • Element forces (forces at the element ends) using a linear interpolation along the element
  • Section forces and deformations (at the gauss points) using a piece-wise linear interpolation

STKO’s development team is excited to share this new capability with STKdOers everywhere. To show off this new tool and other key new features of V1.1.5, Massimo Petracca will be hosting the first in a new webinar series, SnackTKO, on November 24th, at 6 pm GMT+1. SnacTKO webinars are designed to be brief, snappy, informational sessions for informing users about key new updates and tools in new minor version releases. Our STKdOers can attend these “bite-sized,” ten-minute webinars to learn more about the releases without having to spend a lot of time on zoom. Sign up for the webinar on our site, or catch it live on our YouTube channel.

Petracca will also use the last few minutes of the SnacTKO webinar to give users a sneak-peak at STKO V2.0’s most anxiously-awaited new feature: the Python scripting interface for the post-processor

Sign-up for SnacTKO to learn more, and make sure to read our newsletters and watch our Facebook and LinkedIn pages for more information on STKO V2.0.
Here is a more complete list of changes coming with Version 1.1.5:

  • GroundMotion condition can now be applied to any geometry both in sequential and parallel analyses
  • Fixed a bug in the PM4Sand XObject
  • Fixed a bug in the 27 quadratic Hexa mesh
  • Fixed a bug in ZeroLengthImpact3D
  • Fixed a bug in ConfinedConcrete01
  • Fixed a bug in

Improvements and New Features

  • Updated to OpenSees v. 3.2.2
  • Added the new ASD_SMA_3K uniaxial material
  • Added support for writing a TCL from a region command
  • Added support for the PM4Silt material
  • The LaunchSTKOMonitor.bat(Windows) file is written in the output folder, so the user can now re-run the Monitor manually.
  • Improved handling of number of iterations in adaptive time-stepping
  • Fiber-Plots are now Particle-based like Gauss-Plots
  • Added the Beam Diagram Plot for both element-nodal and gauss beam results

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