ASDEA Visits the UK

Guido Camata, partner and technical director at ASDEA, is in the United Kingdom this week. During his trip, he will visit the University of Bristol and University College London to talk about our new foray into digital twinning technology.

With the founding of ASDEA Hardware, ASDEA has entered the field of digital twinning with the MonStr sensors for structural health monitoring (SHM). The synergy between the three companies of ASDEA means that we can provide a holistic and multifaceted SHM system.

The MonStr sensor nodes were specially formulated for SHM, taking into account the field experience of ASDEA’s engineers to create a product that meets and exceeds the needs of the market. The data collected by the nodes is processed using STKO created by ASDEA Software, meaning that the program will constantly evolve and expand to meet the data processing and analytic needs of the client.

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