Asdea Software at the XVI International Conference on Structural Repair and Rehabilitation

CINPAR 2020 (International Conference on Structural Repair and Rehabilitation), an online conference, will be hosted from Porto (Portugal), from the 13th to the 15th of July 2020. AsdeaSoft is one of the sponsors of the online event, which is also supported by several noteworthy institutions.

This conference presents an important opportunity for acquiring new knowledge and exchanging experiences in the fields related to the rehabilitation and strengthening of structures. STKO’s Team will talk about the innovative features that make the STKO software revolutionary for rehabilitating and strengthening structures. We will announce precise information about the dates and times of these talks ahead of the conference.
CINPAR 2020 Topics:
T1 – Inspection and Defects
T2 – Materials and Techniques
T3 – Natural Hazards
T4 – Infrastructures
T5 – Design Projects and Rehabilitation Works
T6 – Built Heritage
T7 – Management and Standards

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