To best meet the needs of a network of clients on an international scale, ASDEA opened ASDEA PERU in Lima. New projects will be overseen by the Consulting Manager Engineer Gianpietro de Filippo with Engineer Nicola Liguori and Engineer Nicola Tarque PH.d. As Peru is the seat of a growing construction industry, the team will grow with the new projects they will take on.

ASDEA PERU is working on the restoration and reconstruction of the “Iglesia San Josè de los Molinos” in Ica, Peru. The 2007 Peruvian earthquake caused the church to sustain heavy structural damages, including the total collapse of the roof. The facade and the walls that delimit the central nave were damaged the most.

This opening adds to ASDEA’s growing global footprint. ASDEA also co-founded the H2A Project along with important international companies such as Holabird&Root, ZEF Concepts, and Hiltron. The group includes more than 300 professionals and over 250 years of combined experience.

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