St. Stephen Church Deanery


Nigeria, 2013 – 2016
Client: ZEF Concepts Ltd.

ASDEA was responsible for the design of the steel structure and reinforced concrete structure for “St. Stephen’s Anglican Church,” located in Outuoke. The structural design of the St. Stephen Church Deanery required the use of different structural solutions for the exterior and interior parts. The outer shell of the building consists of a complex double-curved gridshell steel structure featuring bracing arches with a maximum span of 60m and a maximum height of 37m.
The internal load-bearing structures are built with reinforced concrete partitions and columns placed to support the floor slabs, which consist of solid reinforced concrete slabs, and the stairwells, which are built using steel truss structures and steel-cls slabs. The entire design was facilitated and optimized by means of the BIM process, which allowed for a 50 percent reduction in timelines compared to a CAD design, plus increased design awareness (of the spatial layout of buildings and structures) with an overall project vision.