The Risen Lord Parish Complex


Italy, 2012 – 2016
Client: Arch. Giustino Vallese

The Risen Lord Parish Complex is located in the town of Collatterrato Basso in Teramo Township. ASDEA S.r.l was hired to create the preliminary, final, and executive designs, and for construction management. The structure is composed of three buildings separated by raised technical joints. The first is used as a Canonical House and built with a reinforced concrete frame. The second building is designated for use as a worship building, with a supporting steelwork structure ranging from 9 to 16 meters in height and an approximately square floorplan inscribable in a rectangle of maximum dimensions 25×22.7 meters.
The third building, standing in front of the church, instead has a reinforced concrete supporting structure and includes: a working chapel, patio, pronaos, and relevant hallways. The design was completed according to the most recent anti-seismic regulations (NTC 2008 and Eurocodics).