The Emiciclo Heritage Building


Italy, 2013

The Emiciclo heritage building, also known as the palace of exposition, is now used as the headquarters of the Region of Abruzzo. In 1888 the architect Carlo Waldis designed this unique building. It is characterized by a hexagonal-shaped portico with 12 Doric columns. The project was part of a tender proposal, the goal of which was to restore and strengthen the building, which was severely damaged by the earthquake of April 2009. Seismic strengthening of the building was achieved using viscous dampers and Steel Fiber Reinforced Grout (SFRG).

The Ex G.I. Maschile building, located in the Municipality of L’Aquila, was constructed in 1932 as the seat of the boys’ section of the Opera Nazionale Balilla. The building is organized volumetrically with a C-shaped body and two lateral wings connected by a curved body with a convex facade. The project’s goals were to repair the damage caused by the April 2009 earthquake, to improve the structural behavior of the building during seismic events, and to redevelop the building, which included a full makeover of the Council Chamber.