Diabetology e Cardiology Hospital


Iraq, 2014 – 2015
Client: Hiltron, International Healthcare Consultant

The project’s scope encompasses a complex of two hospital buildings housing diabetes and cardiology centers operated by Hiltron International Healthcare Consultants in the city of Kut, Iraq.

Specifically, the project is aimed at improving the seismic performance and energy efficiency of the two buildings.

The irregular geometry of both the floor plan and levels of the two structural bodies and their dimensions led to the suggestion of installing a seismic isolation system at the base. This system is provided by means of sliding pendulum type isolators (friction pendulum), with the aim of drastically reducing the seismic actions acting on the superstructure.

The double skin in the façade is designed to reduce energy consumption and maintain costs. Furthermore, the two buildings are insulated to ensure the smooth and seamless operation of the hospital even in the aftermath of a major seismic event.