Centi Palace


Italy, 2015
Client: Municipality of L’Aquila

Centi Palace is one of the most important Baroque monuments in the Region of Abruzzo. It was constructed between 1752 and 177. The building boasts a three-story rectangular floor plan, a large entrance gallery with an inner courtyard, and a monumental staircase.

The palace also has very particular and characteristic facades. The principal facade is divided into three parts and has an impressive balcony overlooking the majestic main entrance. The balcony is supported by three pairs of columns in Borromean style rotated at a 45° angle. A unique element of the Palace is that it is isolated on its four sides.

ASDEA won the bid for tender with a technical proposal that dealt with the structural repair and strengthening of the building, which was heavily damaged by the earthquake that struck L’Aquila on the 6th of April, 2009. The proposed intervention aimed to repair the sustained damage and to increase the seismic resistance of the building while taking particular care to protect and conserve its historical value.

The interventions used innovative and advanced technologies that are durable, reversible, and compatible with the material and structural identity of the site, paying particular attention to both the requirements of the Superintendence for Architectural and Landscape Heritage for Abruzzo and the basic principles of restoration.