Castilenti’s Secondary School


Italy, 2017 – 2021
Client: Municipality of Castilenti

Castilenti’s secondary school was gravely damaged by the earthquake on April 6, 2009, and significant damage was sustained by the r.c. structure and the non-structural elements. Originally, a project was planned to return the structure to operable status and bring it up to code. However, surveys of the building revealed that the school had deteriorated past the point for repairs to be sustainable. The costs to repair the damage and modernize the fixtures to bring them up to code were no longer feasible or even reasonable, as the original structure was outdated and not in line with today’s educational needs. Asdea s.r.l. worked as the project lead for the development and construction of a new first-rate secondary school designed with seismic resistance in mind. The project seeks to create a highly functional school whose architecture lends itself to the needs of 21st-century education.
The site for the new school was chosen in an area just outside the center of the Municipality of Castilenti. The new school complex comprises a single floor with three classrooms for normal activities, two classrooms for additional activities that are connected by moveable partitions, a room for musical education, and another for other supplementary activities. Of course, the building will have the necessary sanitary facilities and areas for the use of the entire school, such as an entrance atrium, a plaza, a library, faculty lounges and auxiliary staff areas, spaces for supplementary activities, etc.
As the creation of the school complex represents a historically significant initiative for the entire community, the project also includes the general refurbishment of the school’s external areas considering its urban, architectural, and dimensional factors while also accounting for its social and cultural value.