Capodimonte Stables Complex


Italy, 2021
Client: Agenzia del Demanio – D.R. Campania

The Capodimonte Stables complex is located inside the Royal Capodimonte Forest (Real Bosco di Capodimonte) in Napoli. The Stables were built in the 19th century using structures dating back to the previous century as a base.
The complex is located a few hundred meters from the royal palace and is composed of several rectangular buildings arranged in an irregular pentagon shape with a double internal courtyard. Currently, the complex is used by the Polizia di Stato (State Police) and houses the offices of the National Electronic Center (C.E.N.), the Technical, Logistical and Patrimonial Service for Campania Molise Puglia Basilicata (S.T.L.P.), and the Horseback Department of the Police Headquarters of Naples.
The project is part of a tender competition won by ASDEA S.r.l. and several other companies for the seismic vulnerability assessment, energy diagnosis, geometric, architectural, technological and plant survey to be returned in BIM mode, and technical and economic feasibility design for the complex.