Transforming ideas into solid form

ASDEA specializes in complete structural rehabilitation, managing the entire process from the analysis of the existing structure to the implementation of the restoration. Our highly specialized team takes care of both design and analysis, as well as construction management and supervision of the different phases of the rehabilitation work.

With our expertise and experience, we are able to carefully assess the existing structure, identifying critical areas and proposing effective solutions for rehabilitation and structural reinforcement. Through a thorough design phase, we develop customized solutions that meet the specific needs of the project.

We actively collaborate with architects and clients (both private and public) to develop multiple design options, even for the most complex projects.

Our Methods

We provide a wide range of numerical analyses and advanced analysis techniques that include linear and nonlinear analyses, material identification, structural performance evaluation, collapse analysis, and safety and reliability analysis.

We leverage our combined knowledge gained through years of experience to ideally balance costs, performance, and reliability.

Our methods for analyzing the vulnerability of monuments and structures uses sophisticated analysis and a rigorous approach that only advanced research experience can guarantee.

We use innovative consolidation technologies and materials that are highly compatible with existing ones


We work to develop multiple options to help our clients identify optimal solutions calibrated to their needs.

Experience – Creativity – Trustworthy – Tailored Designs – Collaboration –  Sustainability