We guarantee a state-of the art aproach

We provide a wide range of numerical analyses and advanced analysis techniques, including linear and nonlinear analyses, material specifications, evaluation of structural performance, collapse studies, and safety and reliability analyses.

Our continued interest in research means our analysis techniques are always up-to-date and in line with the most current advancements in the field. We collaborate with private companies, universities, and students around the world to support and expand research in the field of numerical analysis. 

Our projects benefit from the research carried out by our team members, as research topics often stem from actual needs identified while designing and rehabilitating structures. ASDEA’s team members have national and international research experience at laboratories and institutions, which gives us a solid foundation of experience in a variety of fields.

Reinforced Concrete
The research conducted by our team on reinforced concrete has been applied in different sectors. For example, it has been applied to the analysis of constitutive materials and their application to ad-hoc software, in a comparison of experimental tests with numerical models, in a study of micro-models aimed at understanding the interaction between concrete and steel, and in a study of elements characterized by small imperfections and/or discontinuity with the theories of production mechanics.
Soil-Structure Interaction

Soil-structure interaction plays an important role in the field of earthquake engineering, although it is often overlooked at the design level. In collaboration with other companies, ASDEA has developed extensive research, both on the propagation of seismic waves in the ground and how they interact with the structure, and on seismic amplification due to the topography and stratigraphy of the soil.

In most of ASDEA’s research, dynamic and static non-linear analyses are used as they are essential for the determination of seismic demand and damage indices, the determination of fragility curves, and the evolution of the structural damage, among other things.