Luka: Asdea Hardware’s First Intern

Luka De Groodt

Luka talks about his internship at Asdea Hardware

Having loved both math and physics from a young age, Luka was destined to be an engineer. His academic journey led him to Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, where he pursued his passion for aerospace engineering. However, during his last few years in that program, his interests shifted toward structural engineering, which led him to an internship here.

After arriving at ASDEA Hardware as our intern, Francesca, took Luka under her wing as he delved deeper into programming and coding. “Francesca really helped me get up to speed with programming and coding,” Luka said when asked about his experience working with the team.When placed on a project to develop an app for a structural health monitoring system, Luka took a user-centric approach

 “Coming from University, I am used to seeing things from more of a user perspective, but it was really cool being on the developer side of an app. Where I could add a lot of value was that I just came from University, so I could put myself in the shoes of a user.” Luka added, “I really like to optimize the product.”

Collaborating alongside experienced team members like Francesca, Roberto, Maurizio, and Massimo, Luka’s coding and programming skills reached new heights. What he cherished most about ASDEA Hardware was the inclusive environment that fostered a sense of belonging. As Luka succinctly put it, 

 “My opinion is valued,” and “There was always someone able and willing to help,” 

reflecting the ethos of a workplace that respects and embraces each individual’s contributions. The internship reaffirmed his passion for structural engineering and provided him with invaluable insights for his future pursuit of a master’s degree.

Overcoming initial challenges, including a lack of organizational and research skills, Luka transformed his weaknesses into strengths with the guidance of his mentors. The essence of collaboration is a cornerstone of his time at ASDEA, “This experience has been so positive and has really made me want to learn more about structural engineering.” Luka was drawn to ASDEA’s collaborative work environment, a revelation that will undoubtedly shape his career choices moving forward. In his words, “I really enjoyed the work environment here. I will look for a similar work environment in the future because it was truly an amazing work culture here.” ASDEA’s nurturing team played an instrumental role in honing his ideas and refining his skills, allowing him to emerge as a proficient engineer and a proactive and adaptable team player.

Luka’s journey as an intern at ASDEA Hardware encapsulates the essence of professional growth that transcends the boundaries of traditional learning. His experience exemplifies how curiosity, mentorship, and collaboration intertwine to shape a young engineer’s trajectory. As Luka sets his sights on a promising future in structural engineering, he carries with him the lessons, memories, and relationships fostered during his time as a vital thread in the fabric of the ASDEA team.

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