Asdea Guest of the Peruvian Ministry of Culture

Kerakoll Turns Red, Asdea, Asdea Peru, and Kerakoll SpA Travel to Peru

Asdea and Asdea Peru will be guests in a meeting organized by the Ministry of Culture of Peru, that will take place on September 14th in the Peruvian Capital. During the meeting, the latest Kerakoll technical manual will be presented, which is entirely dedicated to Peruvian construction techniques. The manual includes guidelines for consolidation, structural reinforcement, and seismic safety using the latest green technologies with a focus on procedures, technical specifications, and construction details. The presentation will be given by several prominent figures of Peruvian and Italian engineering who will discuss different technical-cultural topics with a common thread: the seismic safety of modern and historical buildings.

A preview of green topics using innovative materials will be held on September 13th at 7.00 pm at the Board of Engineers of Peru in San Isidro, Lima. Also on this occasion, representatives of Asdea and Kerakoll will highlight their experience in the repair and structural reinforcement of existing and historical buildings through new construction techniques.

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